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The following unilateral terms are compulsory for all Merchants that wish to purchase ERGO Products directly though the ERGO resell pricing program.


BY CONTINUING to place phone, email, or online portal orders you confirm your understanding of the below terms and are fully responsible for compliance.


I understand that these products (goods) are controlled by the U.S.Department of State, International Traffic in Arms Regulations. I certify that the products (goods) purchased will not be exported, sold, re-exported, or transported outside of the United States and will not be sold or released, directly or indirectly, to foreign nationals inside or outside the U.S. without prior U.S. Government export authorization.


Pricing is reviewed on an annual basis and is subject to change without notice. ERGO values our seller relationships and will strive to provide at least 30 days notice.


Cash terms include Credit Card, Wire Transfer and ACH deposit payments and are accepted for all new Resellers as well as international Resellers. Established U.S. Resellers with 6 months of successful payments may apply for credit. Resellers that fail to comply with the agreed upon Credit terms may be returned to cash terms. Distributors must maintain minimum yearly orders of $10,000.00 to maintain their Distributor status. There are no minimum order requirements for Dealer pricing.


Any sales invoices not paid when due will be subject to a $25 late fee and interest charges may accrue, please see credit agreement for full details. Any Reseller that has overdue payments, may be required to reconcile past due sales orders before any future orders will be shipped. Resellers that do not comply with agreed upon credit terms, may be returned to cash terms.


ERGO products that are found to be defective or that break down due to manufacturer defect, will be replaced for free. Discontinued products are not eligible for the Limited Lifetime Guarantee.


Any regular order may be returned within 90 days of purchase without reason for refund or credit memo. Custom or branded products cannot be returned. A 5% restocking fee may be assessed to all product returns. A return request will be generated and provided to the reseller for return shipment. Returning Customer is responsible for all Shipping.


Any order can be cancelled prior to shipment, ERGO reserves the right to asses a 5% restocking fee to orders that are cancelled within 2 weeks of scheduled ship date.


Unused and intact ERGO products that reseller is unable to sale may be returned to ERGO up to 1 year from original purchase date. Proof of original purchase order and invoice information are required. Discontinued products are not eligible for the Product Exchange Program. Products must have been purchased directly from ERGO Grip by the requesting reseller and not through a 3rd party. Reseller must bear the cost of shipping the desired exchange products back to ERGO. No refunds will be granted for exchanges. Credit memos will be generated only after ERGO has received and inspected the returned product. Credit will be given for product at the cost originally purchased by the customer rather than current cost of an item. Exchanged Products will be accepted at the discretion of ERGO, based on condition of product. Custom or branded products cannot be returned. A 5% restocking fee will be assessed to all product exchange orders. ERGO Grip reserves the right to cancel or suspend the product exchange policy with 30 days notice


Resellers are required to use the ERGO Grip® name and or logo when advertising ERGO products and may also do so for promotional use. Unless a licensing agreement is in place, Products and their original packaging may not be altered in any way for resale.


Orders will be shipped within 14 working days from receipt of sales order, unless otherwise negotiated. All orders are shipped via FedEx, UPS and USPS. ERGO reserves the right to assess a handling fee on any order.


ERGO Grip is committed to enforcing policies which allow our resellers to maintain high profit margins through the sale of our products. ERGO has an established unilateral Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy aimed at protecting our reputation for high quality in the market and supporting the business of independent resellers. MAP pricing for all ERGO products can be found on your current price list. Resellers are not required to list prices in advertising. If a price is listed in an advertisement, including any online product listing, it must be at or above MAP. The ERGO MAP Policy applies to all forms of advertising, including mailings, catalogs, in-store displays and the Internet. MAP HOLIDAYS - Up to four (4) MAP holidays may be granted per calendar year, but cannot last longer than two (2) weeks in length. Resellers can submit a MAP holiday request by emailing their respective sales representative. Distributors found to be in violation of MAP guidelines, that do not take necessary corrective actions, may be moved to a lower tiered pricing program, have their purchasing privileges temporarily suspended, or be permanently removed from the wholesale program all together.

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